In line with the change to handicap limits for competitions voted at the February 2022 Committee Meeting, the draw has been split at <= 17.9 (Silver) and >= 18.0 (Bronze)

To be played off full handicap difference.

Please refer to ‘MCLGA Knock-Out Competitions‘ for the full set of rules for the Summer Hole and Hole. This can also be found in the Competitions tab of the web site.

All contacts can be found in the Contact List of the Members Area of the website

Please send your results to the

Winner: Hazel Peplinski (Murrayfield)

1st Round by 30th April 2023 2nd Round by 4th June 2023 3rd Round by 9th July 2023 Quarter-Final by 6th August 2023 Semi-Final by 3rd September 2023 Final by 1st October 2023
Bye Fiona Reid (Turnhouse) Fiona Reid (Turnhouse) Fiona Reid (Turnhouse) Elizabeth Taylor (Prestonfield) Alison Maillardet-O’Neill (Kingsknowe)
Bye Laura Gemmell (Turnhouse)
Bye Hilary Wallace (Newbattle) Hilary Wallace (Newbattle)
Bye Sarah Ledingham (Gullane)
Bye Elizabeth Taylor (Prestonfield) Elizabeth Taylor (Prestonfield) Elizabeth Taylor (Prestonfield)
Bye Patricia Parkhouse (Mortonhall)
Bye Sally McIntosh (Murrayfield) Caroline Mansley (Bruntsfield)
Bye Caroline Mansley (Bruntsfield)
Una Fleming (Merchants) Una Fleming (Merchants) Una Fleming (Merchants) Charlotte Wighton (Turnhouse) Alison Maillardet-O’Neill (Kingsknowe)
Lorna Hay Smith (Murrayfield)
Catherine Wilkie (Baberton) Catherine Wilkie (Baberton)
Lorna Lettice (Newbattle)
Sal Shepherd (Craigmillar Park) Charlotte Wighton (Turnhouse) Charlotte Wighton (Turnhouse)
Charlotte Wighton (Turnhouse)
Gillian Hewitt (Glencorse) Amanda Larter (Kingsknowe)
Amanda Larter (Kingsknowe)
Sheila Keith (Liberton) Liz Calder (Turnhouse) Alison Maillardet-O’Neill (Kingsknowe) Alison Maillardet-O’Neill (Kingsknowe)
Liz Calder (Turnhouse)
Letty Mackinnon (Kingsknowe) Alison Maillardet-O’Neill (Kingsknowe)
Alison Maillardet-O’Neill (Kingsknowe)
Eileen Gillespie (Lochend) Eileen Gillespie (Lochend) Eileen Gillespie (Lochend)
Adrienne Turner (Baberton)
Karina Matson (Pumpherston) Karina Matson (Pumpherston)
Louise Duff (Murrayfield)
Gillian Glen (Craigmillar Park) Gillian Glen (Craigmillar Park) Morag Wardrop (Turnhouse) Morag Wardrop (Turnhouse) Hazel Peplinski (Murrayfield) Hazel Peplinski (Murrayfield)
Jacqueline Bracewell (Baberton)
Arlene Bryen (Liberton) Morag Wardrop (Turnhouse)
Morag Wardrop (Turnhouse)
Susan Randall (Turnhouse) Susan Randall (Turnhouse) Susan Randall (Turnhouse)
Ailsa Cackett (Broomieknowe)
Carol Fulton (Mortonhall) Carol Fulton (Mortonhall)
Sheila Fisken (Broomieknowe)
Louise Campbell (Murrayfield) Hazel Peplinski (Murrayfield) Hazel Peplinski (Murrayfield) Hazel Peplinski (Murrayfield)
Hazel Peplinski (Murrayfield)
Claire Barnish (Broomieknowe) Laura Reekie (Baberton)
Laura Reekie (Baberton)
Jane MacDonald (Merchants) Jane MacDonald (Merchants) Isla McCrone (Turnhouse)
Gail Joughin (Comiston)
Celia Macintyre (Craigmillar Park) Isla McCrone (Turnhouse)
Isla McCrone (Turnhouse)
Yvonne Blyth (Prestonfield) Yvonne Blyth (Prestonfield) Yvonne Blyth (Prestonfield) Yvonne Blyth (Prestonfield) Yvonne Blyth (Prestonfield)
Norma Richmond (Murrayfield)
Bye Fiona Robertson (Newbattle)
Bye Norma  Hogg (Merchants) Sandra Stanton (Broomieknowe)
Bye Sandra Stanton (Broomieknowe)
Bye Elaine Lumsden (Kingsknowe) Catriona Macdonald (Merchants) Lindsay Hay (Glencorse)
Bye Catriona Macdonald (Merchants)
Bye Lindsay Hay (Glencorse) Lindsay Hay (Glencorse)
Bye Helen Ross (Turnhouse)
Summer Hole & Hole 2023 – Silver