14 girls endured a very cold afternoon on Saturday to play and receive further coaching on the Swanston Templar Golf Course.  Despite the bitterly cold afternoon the girls had great fun as they made their way round the course with smiling faces and some chitter chatter.  A huge thank you to our 6 MCLGA helpers (Jacky Burnett, Lettie McKinnon, Lis Daly, Cecilia MacIntyre, Fiona Ford and Jane MacDonald) who provided guidance, course management, some rules and basically encouraged the girls round the golf course. For some girls it was their first time on the course and it was amazing to see how they have picked up their Braids coaching tips and applied them to being on the golf course.  Well done everyone and we hope to see you again in September for further coaching on the Templar.


MCLGA Junior Coaching – Templar