The information below is intended for members who have not used the Scottish Golf App on their phone before. If you already have the App and wish to find out how to enter a competition, click here.

Important Note

If you do not have a smart phone, have an older device (see below), or have any issue using the App which cannot be resolved, you can always enter any of our competitions by emailing the Competition Administrator (

Please ensure that you receive an acknowledgement of your entry.

Minimum Requirements for your Phone

The App will work for most phones, but not if your device is an old model or you are running an old version of the operating system.


iPhones that are models before iPhone 5S or are running software before version iOS 16 won’t be able to run the software required for competitions.


Any Android models made before 2016 or are running Android operating software before version 11.0  won’t be able to run the software required for competitions.

Setting Up the App on your Phone

Step 1 – Registering for the Scottish Golf App on the website

To use the App you must first register here:  Scottish Golf Website

NB – You will need your CDH number (ask your club or email the secretary (

  1. Click on Golfer Login:
  2. Click on “Sign up here” at the bottom of the page.  The Membership No is your CDH number.

Scottish Golf have provided a video here (you can skip the ads after a few seconds):

How to Register for Scottish Golf.

Step 2 – Downloading the App

Search for “My Scottish Golf” and download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 3 – Ensure Location Services are On 

When entering scores at a competition, your phone must have Location Services set to On so that the App knows you are in the correct location. Click on the link below for some guidance from Scottish Golf :

The App isn’t picking up my correct location