Please adhere to the current COVID-19 regulations as set out by the Scottish Government at the time of your tie.

To be played off full WHS Course Handicap difference.

Please refer to ‘MCLGA Knock-Out Competitions’ for the full set of rules for the Hole and Hole. This is in the Competitions tab of the web site.

Please send your results to the

WINNER: Gail Corbett (Merchants)


1st Round by 23rd May 2021 2nd Round by 20th June 2021 Quarter-Final 18th July 2021 Semi-Final 15th August 2021 Final 12th Sept 2021
Rosalind Carnegie (Turnhouse) Gail Corbett (Merchants) Gail Corbett (Merchants) Gail Corbett (Merchants)
Gail Corbett (Merchants) Gail Corbett (Merchants)
Barbara McQuillan (Prestonfield)
Susan Gardiner (Ravelston) Susan Gardiner (Ravelston) Susan Gardiner (Ravelston)
Pat Forsyth (Ravelston)
Pat Horn (Ravelston) Pat Horn (Ravelston)
Moira Poyser (Merchants)
Janet Glen (Kingsknowe) Janet Glen (Kingsknowe) Janet Glen (Kingsknowe) Janet Glen (Kingsknowe)
Marion Fry (Kingsknowe)
Caroline Clark (Craigmillar Park) Caroline Clark (Craigmillar Park)
Pam Wheeler (Murrayfield)
Maureen Stewart (Glencorse) Maureen Stewart (Glencorse) Maureen Stewart (Glencorse)
Jill Acheson (Merchants)
Clem Douglas (Turnhouse) Jane Browitt (Glencorse)
Jane Browitt (Glencorse)
Anne Bell (Glencorse) Denise Turnbull (Kingsknowe) Denise Turnbull (Kingsknowe) Helen Maxwell (Ravelston) Helen Maxwell (Ravelston)
Denise Turnbull (Kingsknowe)
Jacky Burnett (Broomieknowe) Jacky Burnett (Broomieknowe)
Jan Thomson (Turnhouse Golf Club)
Elizabeth Cargill (Ratho Park) Elizabeth Cargill (Ratho Park) Helen Maxwell (Ravelston)
Mary Davidson (Kingsknowe)
Elizabeth Robinson (Ratho Park) Helen Maxwell (Ravelston)
Helen Maxwell (Ravelston)
Audrey Naden (Kingsknowe) Audrey Naden (Kingsknowe) Audrey Naden (Kingsknowe) Avril Auchterlonie (Craigmillar Park)
Margaret Clark (Merchants)
Fiona Tyrrell (Craigmillar Park) Fiona Tyrrell (Craigmillar Park)
Jane Dewar (Merchants)
Avril Auchterlonie (Craigmillar Park) Avril Auchterlonie (Craigmillar Park)  Avril Auchterlonie (Craigmillar Park)
Maxine Nicholson (Prestonfield)
Anne Boobis (Ravelston)
Summer Hole & Hole 2021 – Bronze Draw