On a slighlty chilly (but not as cold as last month!) and windy day at Swanston’s Templar Course on Sunday, 17 girls took part in our monthly 9 hole competition.

The results were as follows:

Handicap section

  1. Emma Watson 46 (18) 28
  2. Eilidh Crawford 42 (12) 30
  3. Emma Morrsion 44 (13) 31

Non-handicap section

  1. Caitlin Turner 45
  2. Allex Massey 47
  3. Megan Brown 49

Thanks to squad members Sal Shepherd and Claire Hargan and all the parents who helped and walked round with the girls, giving them valuable support and advice. Thanks also to Sandra Hennesey, Sharon MacPherson and Caroline McIntosh for organising the day.

In the afternoon our Junior Training Squad had an excellent putting session with Mark Berrie at the Braids Golf Centre. Our thanks go to Mark for his excellent coaching over the past few months and to Karen Marshall for all her organisation. I’m sure all this short game coaching will benefit the girls greatly this coming season.

Monthly 9 holes at Swanston