What a great start to the season. Twenty-six girls had a fun filled evening at Fountain Park Ten Pin last night. Not only was there some great (and some not so great) bowling, but also some interesting dancing (don’t ask!). Some future captains were also on display as Jess and Emily Dalgetty, Kate McIntosh, Kirsty Burgess and Julia Smith led and encouraged their teams with great enthusiasm. Tactics were discussed and plans hatched.

There were a few anxious moments when we were waiting for the food to arrive, would it come, would we all remember what we ordered, will we starve to death before it arrives? A bit of dancing kept hunger pains at bay.

Captain and Junior Secretary went on the hunt, and eventually a collection of chicken dippers, burgers, fish fingers arrived. Eventually everyone got something (but not necessarily what they ordered!). Then it was back to the bowling, with Kirsty’s team of Caitlin Turner, Emma Watson. Alex Massey and Jessica Thain, coming out on top with a fantastic score of 836.

Easter eggs were dispatched as prizes and everyone went home with at least a cream egg. The adults went off to lie down in a quiet darkened room! Thanks to all the girls who came along and to Sandra Hennesey, Sharon MacPherson and VC Caroline for all their help with the organisation. You can view more photos of the chaos below.

Junior Social Night