Great fun was had yesterday when a season ending, main and junior squad get together was held at the Hermitage Golf Club. Luckily, a 1 pm tee-time was set and, as the clouds parted, we took to the course on the best part of the day. The junior squad members drew for partners and to, make things a wee bit more interesting, their senior partners were only allowed 4 clubs and a putter. Some of the scores were better than others but everyone enjoyed their game and there was good mixing and banter. Thanks to Karen Marshall, everyone was a winner and received a selection box – even the President, Selector and Captain spectators!

1st Louise Fraser & Hannah Scott
2nd Claire Hargan & Sally Naysmith
3rd Karen Marshall & Heather Tumblety
4th Kirsten Blackwood & Katherine Fisher
5th Hilary Laughland & Kirsty Simpson
6th Gillian Simpson &, junior of the day, Mary Richardson

Main and Junior Squads