Today brought the last coaching at the Braids Driving Range for 2009. 22 girls turned up and all were in great, jovial mood. The Christmas treat of a chocolate had to be earned as Suzie put the girls’ putting skills to the test. They had to sink 3 putts in a row to earn a sweetie and boy did the girls bring out their competitive spirit and succeed! It is great to see them all enjoying themselves, laughing and chatting away with one another.

Their swings and ball striking have greatly improved over the year thanks to the dedication of Ian Young, Mark Berrie, Paul Malone and Sandy Stephen. There is going to be some great golfers amongst them. Our thanks to the professionals and also, this month, to Sandra Hennessy to turned up to give a helping hand.

We hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year and we will see you back at Braids on 10th January for the first coaching session of 2010.

Braid coaching