It was a busy day on Sunday. While the Cuthbertson Cup team were battling it out at Tulliallan, 12 juniors were playing in the monthly 9 hole competition on Swanston’s Templar course. It was a bit warmer than previous months, but according to Sharon Macpherson, still a bit on the windy side. The results were as follows:

1st handicap – Hannah Wilson 38 (18) 20
2nd handicap – Eilidh Crawford 36 (11) 25
3rd handicap Emma Watson 45 (18) 27

Non handicap:
1st Megan Brown 42
2nd Lisa Macpherson 49
3rd Georgia Ledingham 55

Congratulations to Cailtin Turner on gaining her first handicap. Lisa Macpherson has just one card to do, so good luck Lisa!

Many thanks to Sharon for organising the competition and to Margaret Alexander for all her help on the day.

Juniors at Swanston 17 April