Members have until midnight Tuesday 31 January to renew their membership.

This comprises two aspects:

  1. Completing this membership renewal form; and
  2. Paying the appropriate subscription by bank transfer (online form contains bank details).
  • Full Member – £25.50
  • Associate Member – £10.50
  • Student Member – £10.50
  • Honorary Member – Nil

Missing Renewal Forms

We have noticed that a number of members have paid but not completed their membership renewal form online. If you are one of these members, please do so as soon as possible.

Late Penalty Fee

As a result of membership opening later than usual (due to the impact of Scottish Golf changing software provider), we have agreed with Committee to allow a period of 14 days from 31st January prior to applying the usual late penalty of £5.00, which will take effect from 15th February.

Welcome Pack

A new Welcome Pack has been prepared for 2023 outlining the benefits of membership. We hope everyone, both new members and those who have been members for several years, will find it interesting and useful. You can access the Welcome Pack here.

If you do not plan to renew your membership, please send an email to the secretary

2023 Membership Renewal Deadline & Online Form