To be played of full handicap difference. Please note that electronic Distance Measuring Devices (DMDsmay be used in MCLGA competitions only if the relevant LOCAL RULE has been adopted by the course in question. Devices that measure functions in addition to distance (e.g. altitude and temperature) are not permitted in any circumstances, even if these functions are switched off. The penalty for using such devices on a golf course, in a competition, is disqualification.  
Please send your results to Shelagh McComiskey by e-mail:

SILVER HOLE IN HOLE 2016      Recorder Shelagh McComiskey

 Semi-Finals by
Final by
Preliminary Round by 18.4.16
First Round by
Second round by
Third Round by 18.7.16
Fourth Round
By 5.8.16
Letty Mackinnon 
Anne Wheelhouse 
Ratho Park
Anne Wheelhouse
Ratho Park
Louise Campbell 
Karen Ballantyne 
Craigmillar Park

Silver draw 2