The Events Tab on the Scottish Golf App is now available for members to book into their own club events.  We are working away in the background to ensure our events and related settings are configured correctly.

As advised earlier, in some instances, APP users may have to update their Scottish Golf APP for the Events tab to take effect.  This has occurred on both Apple and Android phones and is done by visiting the APP store for your provider and selecting “Update”.

Open Events

The next functionality release will be for online booking via the APP and Web pages for club Open competitions.  This is now the main priority for DotGolf.  SG fully appreciates that the delay in release of this function is potentially having an impact upon your club’s ability to properly manage its Open events but assure us they are doing all they can with DotGolf to have this function available as soon as possible.

STRIPE Payment

We will be using STRIPE again for taking online payments.

Events Testing

Over the next few days the SG team will be continuing to test the Events tab and its performance for club competitions.  One area that SG has been unable to fully test up until now is how team events, and in particular the team composition is managed within the system / phone / Kiosk.

They assure us they are working hard on the next release of the Scottish Golf App and we’ll keep you posted.

SG Update on the Events tab in the My Scottish Golf App