My apologies for the lack of updates for Day 2 and Day3.  The hotel we were staying at was having problems with wifi and there was little or no service at all.  I managed on Day 1 only because I had time at the golf course but that wasn’t the case on the other two days.  I hope you managed to follow us on Scottish Golf website (for future use – Scottish Golf/Championship/ Women’s County Finals).

Hopefully by now you will know that we were second, just losing out to Renfrewshire on count back.  The players were magnificent throughout the event – determined, supportive of each other, competitive – playing great golf.  They coped with extremely difficult greens that were reminiscent of the Ochil Hills on the horizon and fairways that had suffered from the third wettest summer since records began a hundred years ago.

Gabrielle MacDonald & Alison McBride

It was roller coaster of a tournament
Day 1:  We only managed a half in the foursomes against Renfrewshire so went into the afternoon on the back foot.  The players were great taking four points in the singles to finish with a draw.  Perth & Kinross and Dumfriesshire also had a draw to leave us in the same position as before the event started!
Day 2:  The match against Dumfriesshire started well with three wins in the morning.  Going into the singles confidently it was real nail biter to finish with only 2 wins.  It was enough to give us two points for a win but left us half a point behind Renfrewshire who beat P & K 5.5 – 3.5.

Day 3:  We took the edge from the morning games with two wins and went into the afternoon just looking for three wins from six games or 3 points.  Our players played hard never giving up, competing very hard against Perth and Kinross to take three wins.  We fought hard but just couldn’t get the final one point that would give us victory.  I did hope Dumfries might help us when their last three games against Renfrewshire were all square, all square and up – only for them to lose game 4 and 5!

To be second at the County Finals is a good result, particularly to be so close, and all credit to the players and officials involved in the event.  Thanks to Louise Fraser and Linda Wemyss for sharing with me  – a great team –  and President Norma for your continuous support.

LWemyss (Selector), K Marshall, L Fraser ( V Captain), J Burnett(Captain), R Livingstone, G MacDonald
A McBride, J Bryans, K Ferguson-Snedden, H Darling

Well done Team – you are fantastic.

MCLGA v Renfrewshire
Morning Foursomes
G MacDonald/A McBride     lost 4&2        C Whyte/M Briggs
K Marshall/ J Bryans             lost 3&2        J Rankine/D Jackson
L Fraser/R Livingstone         halved          G Kyle/E Stewart
Afternoon Singles
K Ferguson-Snedden             lost  3/1          M Briggs
G MacDonald                        won 4/3          G Kyle
H Darling                               won 1hole      J Rankine
A McBride                             won 5/4          D Jackson
K Marshall                             won 4/3          D Cowan
L Fraser                                  lost  2/1          C Whyte

4.5 – 4.5

MCLGA v Dumfriesshire
Morning Foursomes
G MacDonald/A McBride        won 3&1          D Macdonald/M Fraser
L Fraser/H Darling                   won 2 holes    C Lee/J Graham
K F-Snedden/ R Livingstone   won 2&1          E Greenlees/K McCracken
Afternoon Singles
G MacDonald                          won 5&3             K McCracken
A McBride                                lost 4&3              D Macdonald
K Marshall                               lost 2 holes         E Greenlees
H Darling                                 won 3&2              J Graham
J Bryans                                    lost 2 holes         M Fraser
R Livingstone                          lost  2/1                C Lee

Won 5 – 4

MCLGA v Perth & Kinross
Morning Foursomes
K Marshall/H Darling              won 4&3             J Saxton/E Ogilvy
L Fraser/R Livingstone            won 5&4            L Walker/K Alexander
K F-Snedden/J Bryans              lost 4&3              I Moncrieff/K Brodie
Afternoon Singles
L Fraser                                    won 3&2               L Campbell
G MacDonald                           won 3&2              M Ashley
K Marshall                                lost 2&1               K Brodie
K Ferguson-Snedden              won 4&3              I Moncrieff
A McBride                                 lost 4&3               E Ogilvy
H Darling                                  lost 3&2                J Saxton

Won 5 – 4

Winners      Renfrewshire         5 match points    by 1.5 games
2nd             Midlothian             5 match points
3rd              Perth & Kinross     1 match point     by 1game
4th              Dumfriesshire        1 match points


Scottish County Finals