On Sunday 15th August, we had the delight of catching up with Hannah Darling, Broomieknowe GC, after her momentous R&A Girls Championship win at Fulford the day before. As a result of this win, Hannah receives exemption into the R&A Women’s Amateur Championship, the US Girl’s Championship, AIG Women’s Open Final Qualifying and the Augusta National Women’s Amateur.

Hannah, currently a +8 handicapper and a World Amateur Ranking of 27 and coming down, took time out her diary to speak with us and be recognised by Midlothian County Ladies Golf Association. It is with great delight, and on behalf of Midlothian County Ladies, we offered Hannah Honorary Membership of the County. Hannah joins a list of many others in the Honorary list of the County.

Congratulations Hannah, great golfing achievements so far and so early in your golfing career. An inspiration to many others. Best wishes for your future studies in South Carolina and the golfing journey you choose thereafter.

Please take some time to click on the link below and watch the video.






Midlothian recognises Hannah’s Historic Achievements