What a beautiful day at West Kilbride.
The weather has been really kind to all those taking part in the Scottish Amateur Open over the last three days.
Our Midlothian golfers have done us proud again . Gabrielle Macdonald, Karen Marshall, Kate McIntosh , Alison McBride and Louise Fraser all qualified for the main matchplay competition. Wendy Nicholson, Hannah Scott and Carys Irvine all qualified for the Rosebowl competirion.
The golf was as good as the weather and Karen Marshall, Gabrielle Macdonald and Kate McIntosh all won through to the second round of the matchplay and Wendy and Hannah to the quarter finals of the Rosebowl.
The weather got even warmer in the afternoon with very little wind. Karen Marshall and  Kate McIntosh  sadly lost and Gabrielle won taking her through to the quarter finals and Wendy won through to the semi-finals of the Rosebowl.
Tomorrow brings hopefully another glorious day and hopefully Gabrielle and Wendy on to the next stages. We wish you all the very best of luck tomorrow.
Good day at Scottish Amateur at West Kilbride