At the East Division Captains’ Meeting held on Sunday 8th February 2009 at Kirkcaldy Golf Club, the draws were made for the Cuthbertson Cup and Inter-County Matches. These are as follows:

Cuthbertson Cup:

To be held on Sunday 19th April 2009 at Burntisland Golf Club

Stirling & Clackmannanshire v Midlothian
Fife v East Lothian

The winners from the morning ties will play each other, in singles, in the afternoon, while the losing teams will play foursomes against each other in the afternoon.

Inter-County Matches:

To be held from Monday 29th June – Wednesday 1st July 2009 at Falkirk (Carmuirs) Golf Club

Day 1:
Fife v Stirling & Clackmannanshire
Midlothian v East Lothian

Day 2:
Midlothian v Fife
East Lothian v Stirling & Clackmannanshire

Day 3:
East Lothian v Fife
Midlothian v Stirling & Clackmannanshire

Cuthbertson Cup and Inter-County Matches