An Adult/Girl Competition was held at Swanston Templar Course yesterday on a blustery day where we were lucky to escape any serious rain.
16 girls accompanied by Dads, Mums, Grannys, Grandpas and uncles competed and good fun as well as some great golf was had by all.

Prizewinners were as follows:

1st handicap:   Caitlin and Adrienne Turner  net 21    (33-12)
2nd handicap:  Jessica and Vivien Walker   net 22.5 (39-16.5)

Nearest the pin at 4th       Jessica Walker
Nearest the pin at 9th       Gary MacGregor

Best net score (10 and under) Georgia and Sarah Ledingham    net 24  (36-12)

Special prize : Grace Marshall

Grateful thanks to all who competed and special thanks to Sharon MacPherson for organising and running the competition.
We are planning to hold another similar competition in November so watch this space.
Meanwhile  we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible to our next monthly 9 hole competition at Swanston on Sunday September 15th at 10.30am.

Adult/Girl Competition