Following the First Ministers Speech on 2nd November 2020 and updated guidance on the Scotgov website regarding Coronavirus; due to the travel restrictions, the MCLGA Winter Foursomes will currently be suspended.

Whilst there is an exemption for local outdoor exercise such as golf, the guidance is also to only travel locally (within around 5 miles of your local authority area). As our Membership is spread in and around Edinburgh, Midlothian and beyond it is clear that we would not all be able to meet these guidelines for everybody taking part in the Winter Foursomes.

As a result we have chosen to suspend the play of the Winter Foursomes. Play will resume when travel restrictions are lifted and this looks likely to be when we reduce to Tier 2. We will inform the Membership in due course when restrictions are lifted and we will at that time look at the knock out played by dates which will likely require a review.

If you can, keep golfing and stay safe.

Winter Foursomes update following First Minister 2nd November Speech