The Winter Foursomes 2020/21 got underway in October 2020 and due to further regional travel restrictions coming into effect in November 2020 we suspended the competition. We had a cut off point when we could resume the competition and to complete the Final with an extension by the end of May 2021. However the current lock down and 2 ball golf play will now mean the resumption and continuation of this competition is now not viable and we have cancelled it for this Winter.

We hope all our Members, families, friends and followers are keeping healthy and able to get some golf in during the cold weather and if not, hopefully some form of outdoor exercise is achievable for you all. Whilst difficult times are continuing for many; stay safe, stay at home where possible and stay local for your exercise.

We look forward to seeing all our Members in the 2021 golf season.


Winter Foursomes 2020/21 Update