I recently attended a Scottish Golf Area and County Anti-Doping Webinar, the purpose of which was to provide a high-level overview of Scottish Golf’s approach to the new UK Anti-Doping Framework (UKAD).

Scottish Golf has highlighted the importance of Golfers, Golf Clubs and Areas & Counties having an increased awareness of this topic and have asked for our support in helping them to communicate with you.

I would encourage members to review this UK Anti-Doping Update from November 2021, which provides useful information, including the fact that golfers of all levels are bound by the Anti-Doping rules regardless of age or ability. If you compete in any Scottish Golf run championship then the anti-doping rules apply to you, regardless of what level you participate at.

Key points of note from the webinar:

High level overview of UKAD Framework

  • This is a new framework across all sports, not specifically golf.
  • The UKAD Framework, in essence, provides a set of international standards and a list of prohibitive and banned substances. Focus is ‘clean sport’. Need to ensure all golfers in pathway have appropriate level of awareness and knowledge of anti-doping rules.
  • SGL has self-nominated and all Home Nations going through same timeline.
  • Applies to golfers of all levels – including those playing at Area & County level.
  • More testing is being undertaken at national and international events with SGL stating likely to be Summer 2023 at the earliest before they introduce.
  • Not really an issue within amateur game but education, awareness and understanding amongst all players is important.


  • Draft SGL Framework submitted to UKAD and awaiting approval.
  • General information sharing and social media coverage will then become available.
  • Followed by links and info on SGL website.
  • Development/delivery of online webinar – probably delivered by age (i.e. juniors need awareness, adults will need more detail, what testing will involve, etc.).
  • Rolling 12-15 months programme of education.

The ‘So what?’ for the County

  • SGL are developing an educational strategy which will be rolled out nationally.
  • SGL referred to those present as anti-doping ‘facilitators’ and each Area & County will be required to nominate an anti-doping lead who will undertake some specific training.
  • Engagement with Areas & Counties is primarily about gaining support with sign-posting and messaging amongst all players.
  • Potential need to review competition rules to ensure they state a compliance with anti-doping rules.
  • SGL shared example of CBD Gummy Bear, if mixed with other medication could put self at risk. Similarly, may bring in supplement use, e.g. shakes high in protein. It’s all about making people aware of the risks.

Scottish Golf has also requested we share the following information:

Prohibited List 2022

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has now published the 2022 Prohibited List, available on the WADA website here. The Prohibited List identifies which substances and methods are prohibited at all times, in-competition only, and within specific sports.

All Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel are advised to familiarise themselves with the new changes in advance of them coming into effect on 1 January 2022. 

UKAD has also published a summary and infographic of the major changes on their website.

Therapeutic Use Exemptions

Any player who enters and competes in a Scottish Golf National Championship at any level can be considered to be an International-Level Athlete by Scottish Golf. This means that if you ever need to use a prohibited substance or method for therapeutic reasons, then you are required to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) in advance of using the substance or method in question (unless there is an exceptional circumstance – please see UKAD website for these). At the point that you are prescribed with any medication (or purchase any medication over-the-counter), you should check the anti-doping status of that medication on Global DRO.

  • If the medication or method of treatment is prohibited, then use the UKAD TUE Wizard to find out how to apply for a TUE.
  • Please contact performance@scottishgolf.org or UKAD at tue@ukad.org.uk should you have any questions relating to medications or TUEs.
  • We are also obliged to inform you that you would be at risk of incurring an anti-doping rule violation should you be subject to Doping Control without having first obtained a TUE (unless there is an exceptional circumstance for not doing so).

Scottish Golf has updated the Clean Sport page of their website which you can access here.

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) – Implications of new regulations for members