Final Update for Saturday:

At last the sun came out !

Sunday programme

07.40 & 0748  Championship semi-final 1 and semi final 2.

07.56                 B Championship Final

Championship quarter final results

Kate Rorke (Kingksnowe) beat Louise Fraser (Kingsknowe)4/3

Jennifer Bryans (Harburn) beat Kate McIntosh (Broomieknowe) 4/3

Hannah Scott (Broomieknowe) beat Debbie Hay-Smith (Murrayfield) 2/1

Gabrielle MacDonald (Craigielaw) beat Caroline Steedman (Murrayfield) 5/4

B  Championship semi final results

Gail Joughin (Comiston) beat Laura Reekie (Baberton) 4/3

Liz Calder (Turnhouse) beat Celia McIntyre (Craigmillar Park) 8/6

Update 2:

Players are reporting the course is much improved from two weeks ago although the greens are still a bit bumpy.  Vivien slipped into the burn at the 6th so perhaps found it a bit of an uphill task afterwards – its never easy with soggy feet!  This morning we shared the venue with a meeting of guide dog trainers and their puppies – very cute labs and retrievers!  Morning matches finished – out from 2.44 for the quarters and semis.

Update 1:

Kate Rorke (Kingksnowe) beat Karen Marshall (Baberton) 5/4

Louise Fraser (Kingsknowe) beat Alison McBride (Harburn) 2/1

Kate McIntosh (Broomieknowe) beat Susan Rennie (Turnhouse) 3/2

Jennifer Bryans (Harburn) beat Paula MacDougal (Ravelston) 4/3

Hannah Scott (Broomieknowe) beat Karen Ferguson-Snedden (Mortonhall) w/o

Debbie Hay-Smith (Murrayfield) beat Fiona Thorburn (Baberton)6/5

Caroline Steedman (Murrayfield) beat Alison Maillerdet-O’Neill (Kingsknowe) 5/4

Gabrielle MacDonald (Craigielaw) beat Morag Wardrop (Turnhouse) 6/5

B Championship

Gail Joughin (Comiston) beat Helen Warnock (Harburn) 3/2

Laura Reekie (Baberton) beat Fiona Findlay (Lochend) 3/2

Celia McIntyre (Craigmillar Park) beat Isobel Halliday (Merchants)7/6

Liz Calder (Turnhouse) beat Vivien Mitchell (Lochend) 7/5

On a morning of heavy rain from the early hours, it was a relief to set off the players in relatively dry but cold weather.  By the time the last two in the B Championship teed off the sun was starting to shine.

The first casualty of the competition is Karen Ferguson-Snedden who failed to shake off the cold or virus that has plagued her all week.  Given the weather Hannah Scott may have been relieved but previous contests have shown that missing the first round can leave a player on the back foot going into the afternoon’s quarter finals.  Results soon ….

Today’s news from the Championships at Deer Park