A return to Newbattle Golf Course for the MCLGA Summer Meeting with 61 golfers playing on the day. Interestingly back in 1999 the Spring Meeting at Newbattle had 173 players and the Spring Meeting in 1993 had a whopping 200 players. I’m sure we would all love to see these numbers return again. Weather forecast was to be good although the odd rain shower did put in an appearance, but that did not distract from some of the excellent scoring and the worthy winners on the day.

Thanks to Newbattle Golf Club for hosting us. A very warm welcome from start to finish from all their staff in the office, bar, greens staff and early morning members 4 balls. The course was in great condition and the greens were beautiful to putt on. Stray from the fairway and the thick areas of rough, commonly known as ‘boondai’ are keen to tuck your ball away, not that I would know!

Thanks again to the volunteers which again we are keeping to a minimum during the Covid times and the Officials are stepping up to cover this. Big thanks to Midlothian Secretary, Angela, for leading the way with the Venue Management System (VMS) and preparing Midlothian into a position to be able to work with this software. The Summer Meeting was a big step for us moving to the online scoring. I’m sure a little frustrating at times for some Members as we get used to it, however, general feedback was very positive and encouraging and the event appeared to go well during the day with VMS. We will continue to use this for 2021.

Thanks to Newbattle Golf Club for sponsoring our event with 3 spaces into their Ladies Open on Thursday 22nd July tee times 0830 to 1330. We ran a raffle for this and the winners are listed below along with the other prizewinners.

We also reintroduced the ‘optional’ competition sweep and 2s sweep which was well supported. Players will continue to be asked to bring the exact amount for future competitions.

MCLGA Competitions – Players can only win one prize which is determined by the higher monetary value. However, players can win a scratch and handicap sweep.

For a full list of the scoring please click this link to VMS Competition Information Centre

Scores are also available on the Scottish Golf App, under Comps/Past/Club

1st Scratch (Corstorphine Salver) – Rachael Livingstone, Baberton, 69
2nd Scratch – Louise Fraser, Kingsknowe, 75 BIH

Best Net Overall (Dumayne Bowl) – Fiona Robertson, Newbattle, 81-20=61
2nd Best Net Overall – Viv Mitchell, Lochend, 87-20=67 BIH

Silver 1st Handicap – Elaine Lumsden, Kingsknowe, 86-19=67
Silver 2nd Handicap – Jennifer Bryans, Harburn, 75-5=70

Bronze Scratch (Murphy Trophy) – Coleen Derighetti, Lochend, 87
Bronze 1st Handicap – Katy Gillies, Melville, 91-23=68

2s sweep £52, £10.40 each, won by –
Rachael Livingstone 8th
Elaine Lumsden 11th
Jennifer Bryans 11th
Mary Stark 3rd
Caroline Steedman 3rd

Competition Sweep £51 won by –
Scratch 30%
Rachael Livingstone £15
Handicap 70%
1st 50% – Fiona Robertson £18
2nd 30% – Coleen Derighetti £11
3rd equal (10%) – Viv Mitchell £3.50
3rd equal (10%) – Elaine Lumsden £3.50

Sponsored Raffle –
1st – Gilly Glen, Craigmillar Park
2nd – Caroline Steedman, Murrayfield
3rd – Caroline Mansley, Bruntsfield Links

Next competition is the 9 hole Competition at Dundas Parks on Monday 23rd August 2021. Entries Open Friday 9th July 2021, entry fee £7.50. Enter via the SGL APP.
Autumn Meeting at Swanston Golf Club, entries open Friday 30th July 2021, entry fee £12.50. Enter via the SGL APP.

Look forward to seeing you at Dundas Parks and Swanston Golf.

That’s all folks……..

Summer Meeting Newbattle GC 2021