The Squad gathered at Mortonhall GC on Tuesday 18 April for an evening session on injury prevention and performance for golf.  The session was delivered by Neil Aitken and Pete Mitchell of Kinetic Physio and more information about each can be found here.

This was something we were able to invest in with thanks to Scottish Golf providing a small amount of additional grant funding to support performance development.

The core focus was on the importance of golf specific strength training to enable players to be fit enough to play the game at an optimal level maximising their body’s potential. Golf specific strength training creates structural body changes, improves the efficiency of the central nervous system and increases body density. The content covered:

  • How to improve your availability, readiness and capacity to play/practice
  • Factors affecting clubhead speed development
  • Injury prevention for golf
  • Q&A for any golf performance or injury related issues
  • Demonstration of Force Plate testing, as used on DP World Tour


Neil provided us with a demonstration of the Force Plate testing.

Published research has shown that the higher the force you can generate with your legs to push through the floor and the speed at which you can deliver this force, the higher your capacity for generating clubhead speed. The higher your clubhead speed, the further you are able to hit the ball.

From the results of this testing a tailored exercise programme is prepared, allowing the building of strength and explosive strength.

There is also substantial research showing the benefits of strength training with regards to injury prevention enabling you to play and practice for longer, and more frequently, without breaking down with injury.

The process involved pulling up on a bar with all your might for 5 seconds and squat jumping to determine vertical ground reaction force.



Rachael Livingstone (Baberton) was the willing volunteer on the night with some impressive results. Well done to Rachael for volunteering!

The Squad found the evening interesting and enjoyable and now have the opportunity to further develop their current regimes.

Grateful thanks to both Neil and Pete, and to Mortonhall GC for hosting.

Squad Injury Prevention and Performance for Golf Session