The entry for the Spring Meeting/Championship is now open.

The date of the Spring Meeting/Championship qualifying event will likely be caught up in a time when things will be changing with Scotland easing some of its lockdown restrictions.  If the event on April 19th was postponed we could run the risk of not getting the event played at all this year. This is mostly due to the Edinburgh Clubs struggling for tee times for their own Members at weekends and the likelihood of Midlothian getting dates or another venue will be extremely difficult. At the same time, restrictions could ease for April 19th to allow travel beyond the current 5 miles from your Local Authority boundary.  It is very possible some members may not be able to play in the event if the current travel restrictions are still in place on April 19th.

The entry for this competition and qualifier opened Friday 5th March.  If golf is still being played in 2balls and the entry exceeds 126 players then priority will be given to the lower handicaps in handicap order prior to the closing date, for this MCLGA Meeting competition/qualifier only.  Any Member entering this event who has to withdraw up to the night before due to the current travel restrictions not easing, will be offered a full refund.

As we emerge from the current restrictions in unprecedented times we are still faced with an ever changing environment and uncertainty with the golf in the early part of the season.  We hope the Membership can sympathise and will show their support with the decision making for 2021 competitions which will be confirmed as each one approaches.

To enter please go to the Competitions page.

Spring Meeting/Championship Qualifier – Entry Open