Well done to the six bravehearts who ventured out at the Hermitage today. A great show of dedication in the weather conditions – rain and freezing cold! They certainly impressed the organisers who made a very popular decision to reduce the April round to 8 holes. Emma Morrison, who reduced her handicap in the County Spring Meeting last week, had a great 8 holes and scored 6 over par. Don’t worry Emma, your Craigmillar Park foursomes partner (the Vice-Captain for those not in the know!) has been warned not to let you down and should be found hitting balls on the practice ground during every spare moment between now and your first tie. Among the girls without handicaps, Kim Naysmith returned a 46 for the 8 holes and Caitlin Turner a 50, with Lisa Macpherson playing the first 6 holes in 50.

Thanks to Claire Hargan who helped out today and has been talking about the great swings on show ever since, and to Sharon Macpherson who kept her eye on things and kindly stepped into the organising shoes this month. Based on their views that you were all mad to have gone out in the first place and should be given huge, big gold medals for playing, 2 points are awarded to you all for turning out!

In the running points competition, Caitlin holds on to her lead with 12 points but the gap is narrowed by Kim Naysmith who moves to 10 points. In the handicap section, Emma Morrison takes the lead on 6 points.

Six girls brave the freezing conditions!