Sarah Ledingham would bring her daughter Georgia to the girls coaching at the Braids driving range and help out on occasion before taking on the role of Junior Girls Membership and Coaching Coordinator 6 years ago. Sarah has been excellent in her role organising the junior coaching with Ian Young from the Braids Centre and organising the girls into their allocated monthly sessions. Sarah would turn out enthusiastically each month encouraging the girls to develop their skills as delivered by Ian Young, Paul Malone and previously Mark Berrie. Sarah has enjoyed helping out with the Junior girls and working alongside Ian, Paul, Mark and the Midlothian Reps who would kindly help out once a year on a rota.

Last Sunday was her last session in her role and on behalf of the Midlothian Membership and the Junior girls we presented her with a small gift as a token of our appreciation. A bouquet of flowers and a ‘run4it’ voucher would allow Sarah to choose something towards her other hobby, ‘running’! Hopefully a new pair of trainers will help her try and keep up with daughter Georgia up those hills.

Thank you Sarah Ledingham for all your time and effort given to Midlothian Junior Girls. It has truly been appreciated by all and the girls that attend each month. We will look forward to working with Hilary Laughland who will succeed Sarah in this role.

Sarah Ledingham jogs on……