Please feel free to let me know what you feel about this. We will endeavour to keep you up to date with any future updates we receive.
It is great that there is lots of discussion happening and questions being raised and I would encourage you to keep doing this over the coming months. I fully understand the points that you have raised and the importance of these to the County Associations, however for most of them I am unable to provide you with a definitive answer at this time, however have provided an update where I can as follows:

1.       Appreciate the value of these matches and the Divisional events are obviously out with the remit of SGL and therefore their continuance or otherwise is not for us to decide. In terms of the County Finals, these along with Area Team Championships (for both men & boys) will be considered as part of a wider review of the competition calendar by a working group, alongside the Championship Team and Committee. At this stage I can’t say whether the events will continue in the same format or whether something else would be proposed, the purpose of the review is to ensure that the SGL calendar is a fit for purpose, modern schedule which works to compliment the strategy and direction of the organisation. I can’t say what outcomes there might be, however everyone does recognise the history and tradition and
all discussions will aim to honour those but perhaps modernise eg the finals might be Men, Women, Boys, Girls all over same weekend at a venue with 2 nearby courses or something where we can celebrate all aspects of Scottish Golf by bringing them together to play their respective finals at the same time (I would stress this is an example only and not something that has been decided).  Regardless of what is considered there will be full communication and plenty of notice provided to all parties concerned if any changes are being considered for 2017 and beyond. I know that doesn’t answer the question for you at this time, however your comments will be fed into that group for information and consideration as part of their deliberations.

3.       Future funding for Counties & Areas will be dependent on the Regional Structure Working Group that are currently meeting on a regular basis following the Forum at Gleneagles in late January and using the mandate given to given to them from that gathering. As I understand it, the group are working up 3 proposals which will be communicated and consulted upon once they are complete. In the interim period with each County and Area being an autonomous body, it is entirely up to each to decide how much discussion or collaboration they wish to have with other bodies within their boundary pending the output from the working group being published and available for comment upon.

I hope the above information provides you with an update on current position and we will continue to communicate with you as and when we have progress to advise upon. In the meantime if you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Response to questions about the future of County matches and Counties