Nice to feel that it was more like summer this year . Had to be better than the downpous last year.

The results of the prizewinners yesterday were as follows:-

1st Scratch – Sal Shepherd & Claire Barnish (78)
1st Handicap – Jill Millar & Kate Brannan (65.5)
2nd Handicap – Caroline Mansley & Liz Cargill (66)
3rd Handicap – Celia Macintyre & Karen Ballantyne (68.5)

Two’s winners

Caroline Mansley & Liz Cargill (Ratho Park) – 8th
Carol Scott & Sally McIntosh (Murrayfield) – 13th
Janet Collin & Jill McLean (Liberton) 13th
Carole Mason & Sandra Liddle (Dalmahoy/Mortonhall) 8th
Mary Nichol & Sheila Keddie (Dalmahoy) 11th
Catherine Wilkie & Julie Robb (Baberton) 11th

£72 in prize fund, therefore £12 per couple, £6 each

Well done to all our winners. Some great scores

Midsummer foursomes results