87 couples took part in the Midsummer Foursomes at Liberton Golf Club today. Why is it called the Midsummer Foursomes when it is held in Spring?  The Captain is not sure, but this year we held it in winter!  it was a pretty cold day, but I guess we were lucky in that it only rained near the end. But everyone seemed to have an enjoyable day. The results were:

Scratch – Ruth Brown (Lothianburn) & Anne Brownie (Gullane)
1st Handicap – Janet Collin & Jill McLean (Liberton)
2nd Handicap – Jean Ingles (Murrayfield) & Iris O’Neill (Ratho Park)
3rd Handicap – Evelyn Hogg & Susan Walker (Liberton)

There were 11 twos and balls will be distributed via the reps.

We raised £218 in the raffle for junior golf  – thanks everyone!

Many thanks to Hilary, Sheila and Janet for all their hard work and to Anne Hume from Liberton Golf Club.  Thanks to Liberton for hosting the event.

Midsummer Foursomes