Our annual match against Lanarkshire was played on Sunday at Lanark G.C on a dry and sunny, although somewhat chilly, day. The course was in great condition and some excellent golf was on show. The game was played in a very friendly spirit and ended for the second year in a row with a 3-3 half.

Many thanks to Lanark for their warm hospitality.

Results were: 
Karen Marshall & Wendy Nicholson won 4 and 3
Jane Turner &  Emily Dalgetty won 2 up
Louise Fraser & Kate McIntosh lost 2 and 1
Kirsten Blackwood & Sal Shepherd lost 2 &1
Eilidh Crawford & Heather Laing won 2 up
Juniors. Jessica Dalgetty & Emma Morrison lost 5 and 4

Photos courtesy of Jean Macintyre (Lanarkshire)

Midlothian v Lanarkshire