Kate McIntosh (Broomieknowe)
Gabrielle Macdonald ( Craigielaw)
Karen Marshall ( Baberton)
Louise Fraser ( Kingsknowe)
Alison McBride ( Harburn)
Wendy Nicholson (Broomieknowe)
Karen Ferguson (Liberton)
Hannah Scott (Broomieknowe)

1st reserve Kirsten Blackwood (Glencorse)
2ns Reserve Fiona de Vries ( St Rule)

We wish them every success. Spectators are very welcome on this exciting course. We are playing first everyday at 09.30 and again at 2.30. Foursomes in the morning and 6 singles in the afternoon.

We are playing Fife on day 1, East on day 2 and Stirling and Clackmannen on day 3.

Midlothian Team for the Jamboree at Scotscraig