During this concerning time with the Coronavirus outbreak, Midlothian wish to remain positive for the Membership and playing competitive golf. As the coming weeks approach, we may find the number of cases of Coronavirus will rise and the updates from the Government may change further.

Until such time, any Members who wish to enter into the Spring meeting/Championship qualifier should do so but with-hold paying the entry fee. As we approach the date of our first event on Monday 27th April, a formal decision will be made which will be based on Government advice at that time and the host club Kingsknowe. We would at this point ask players to pay the entry fee before the date of the event if it goes ahead. Any member who has entered and already paid will be given a full refund if we cancel the event and a full refund will also be given after the draw if a player chooses to withdraw due to Coronavirus concerns.

Scottish Golf has cancelled three events already due to players travelling and a large International entry. Other sports have chosen to cancel their events also but mainly due to large crowds gathering and being a more physical and contact sport. Golf is played outdoors and is still considered a low risk. If our event(s) goes ahead all players will be asked to respect the host Clubs procedures in place and also if players choose to use the Clubhouse. Any Midlothian players experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms or have underlying health conditions should be following Government advice and we would ask you not to play in our scheduled events.

Golf ties for the Champion of Champions, Silver and Bronze Hole and Hole knock-out can still be played if each player is happy to do so. In the event one player will not or cannot play due to self-isolation before the ‘played by’ date the opponent will go through to the next round. An extension of time to play the tie can still be requested but will only be given if it can be played shortly after the original ‘played by’ date.

In the meantime Midlothian Junior events will also follow the same procedure.

With regards to 5 a-sides and Greensome matches, Clubs should continue to play their match if the course is open and players are well. Until further notice consideration should be given to whether you would have food after the match and Teams should decide between themselves although some Clubhouse closures may dictate this. Players should use their initiative before and after matches and not gather together in a crowd and they should follow the guidelines about keeping distance from each other.

When playing, Midlothian would also ask players to leave the flagstick in, not to touch others golf equipment, try to keep a safe distance of approx 6 foot/2 metres from each other, not to shake hands at the end of your round, use your sleeve to cough or sneeze into, put used tissues into buckets and ensure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in hot soapy water when you arrive at the Club prior to check in and immediately after your round of golf. Hand sanitizers if available should be used frequently during the day too.

We will communicate again nearer to our scheduled events to give an update to players and any requests the host Club and/or Midlothian wish to implement on the day of each event.

Meanwhile keep healthy, stay safe, be vigilant and enjoy your golf.

Louise Fraser
Midlothian County Captain

Midlothian Coronavirus Communication