Your Captain, having been talked into the most ridiculous conditions, but in all credit to her, having successfully negotiated an extra shot, would like to thank the MCLGA team of Kirsten Blackwood, Stephanie Crolla, Fiona de Vries, Noreen Fenton, Louise Fraser, Gabrielle Macdonald, Wendy Nicholson, Karen Marshall, Gillian Simpson and Rachael Watton for the great fight they put up against the Duddingston men. Unaware that the men had prearranged to have the white tees moved as far forward as possible and the yellow tees as far back as possible so that there was, at most, a foot difference between the two, it was agreed that the girls would play from the yellows and the men from the whites, with the girls being given 3 shots. Because Duddingston had then introduced a professional into their team, who had just returned from a good run in the recent Tartan Tour Northern Open, the final couple were generously allowed to claim 4 shots. Never fear, note has been take of this for next year and the same thing will not happen again. They have had their chance!

The girls played fantastic golf and the challenge was on for Stuart Turner and Alistair Thomson to out drive Rachael Watton on at least one hole! A very tight contest led to a level match at the end of the night A big thank you to Duddingston Captain, Gordon Paterson and acting Secretary Gavin Clark for organising the match and for a great meal afterwards.

The results were:

Gavin Clark & Robert Binnie halved with Karen Marshall & Louise Fraser
Stuart Turner & Alistair Thomson beat Wendy Nicholson & Rachael Watton by 1 hole
Colin McNeil & Ian Stavert halved with Fiona de Vries & Gabrielle Macdonald
Mark Blore & Dave MacKinnon lost to Noreen Fenton & Kirsten Blackwood
Gordon Paterson & Ally MacKenzie halved with Gillian Simpson & Stephanie Crolla

MCLGA v Duddingston men