If you are unable to play prior to the date, please contact the MCLGA Secretary, Lisa Kilpatrick, by telephone or text on 0790 319 1009.

Distance Measuring Devices (DMDs) may be used in the Summer Meeting. However, devices that measure functions in addition to distance (e.g. altitude, temperature) are not permitted in any circumstances, even if these functions are switched off. The penalty for using such a device on a golf course in a competition is disqualification

Please remember to bring a Raffle Prize the proceeds of which will be in aid of the Juniors.

09:00 Libby Campbell MOIRA POYSER
09:08 JANET M WAKE Carol Fulton Rachel E W Steedman
09:16 Janet Glen Joan H McDaid HELEN ROSS
09:24 Moira Howie Christine Clarke Lynn M Wilson
09:32 Ray Lynch Elaine Lumsden Anne Beedie
09:40 Marilyn Coleman JANE MACDONALD Denise H Mitchell
09:48 Helen Maxwell Anne Brownie Pamela Woods
09:56 Sheila T Hunter Carole Mason Lynn Cackett
10:04 Susan Gardiner Elsa Todd Jane Hannam
10:12 Anne Boobis Katy Gillies Zandra Mathieson
10:20 Jean Lumsden Sally Foster Caroline Johnstone
10:28 Heather McAndrew Janet Collin Louise Campbell
10:36 SHELAGH McCOMISKEY Elizabeth Casely Julie Baird
10:44 Audrey Naden Vivien Mitchell Maureen Mackay
10:52 Jane Browitt Gail Joughin Valerie HALLAM
11:00 Kate Johnston Phyl EARLY Jacky Burnett
11:08 Caroline Kinnaird Amy Foster KATY LESSELLS
11:16 Fiona Fraser Pat Meikle Norma Hogg
11:24 MARIAN DUFF Pamela Williamson Janet Reid-Thomas
11:32 Carol Clark LESLEY CAMPBELL Moira Masson
11:40 Liz Riach Heather Porter Annette Sutherland
11:48 Maureen STEWART Sandra F Ashurst Gillian Glen
11:56 Fiona Findlay Susan Randall Fiona Ford
12:04 PAULA MCDOUGALL Caroline W Steedman Louise Fraser
17:00 Sheila McEwan Yvonne Blyth Karen Craig
17:08 Catherine Wilkie Corinne Blyth Angela Hughes
17:16 Caroline Mansley Letty Mackinnon Linda Boyle
17:24 Mandy Dougal ISLA McCRONE Mandy McBain
17:32 Julie Robb Jaci Moriarty Barbara McQuillan
17:40 Coleen Derighetti Alison Maillardet-O’Neill Margaret Alexander
17:48 Lisa Kilpatrick Karen Marshall Karen Ferguson-Snedden

MCLGA Summer Meeting – Duddingston Golf Club