It was a cold windy day at Turnhouse Golf Course but the 24 qualifiers [16 for the A Championship and 8 for the B championship] were undeterred as they embarked on the initial stages of this prestigious competition.  Most of the morning games were tight and although some players managed three hole leads early on most soon became nip and tuck and were finally settled at the 18th or 19th holes.

Championship – morning

Rachael Livingstone beat Gabrielle MacDonald on the 19th
Karen Ferguson-Snedden beat Caroline Steedman on the 20th.
Kate McIntosh beat Jennifer Bryans on the 18th with an eagle.
Wendy Nicholson beat Morag Wardrop 3/1
Louise Fraser beat Sal Shepherd 8/6.
Susan Rennie beat Hannah Darling on the 19th
Hannah Scott beat Jane Flucker 4/3
Alison McBride beat Janet Reid-Thomas 2/1

Rachel Livingston won 4/3
Wendy Nicholson won 4/3
Louise Fraser won 1 up
Hannah Scott won 5/4

Semi Finals – Sunday

0930     Rachael Livingstone v Wendy Nicholson

0940     Louise Fraser v  Hannah Scott

B Championship – morning

Barbara Hamilton beat Rachel Steedman 6/5
Kate Johnston beat Celia McIntyre 2/1
Jaci Moriarty beat Isobel Halliday on the 19th
Catherine Wilkie beat Gillian Pritchard 1 up


Barbara Hamilton beat Kate Johnston 3/2
Jaci Moriarty beat Catherine Wilkie 1up

Final – Sunday

0950     Barbara Hamilton v Jaci Moriarty

Come, watch and support.   You will see excellent golf.