9th August at Ravelston GC.   The draw for this competition has been made as I am going to Spain tomorrow until Monday 6th August.

The official closing date is Friday 27th July.  If you want to enter please complete a form, pay your money and I will add you to the draw on my return.

Time                Player 1                                               Player 2                                               Player 3

14:00               Frances Douglas (15c AWAY)          Valerie Hallam (12c AWAY)             Available

14:08               Gill Petrie (8c AWAY)                       Gillian Pritchard (14c AWAY)          Marian Duff (17c AWAY)

14:16               Vivien Mitchell (17c AWAY)            Janice Duguid (21c AWAY)              Pat Horn (20c AWAY)

14:24               Phyl Early (20c AWAY)                    Pat Meikle (17c AWAY)                    Jane Crispin (25c AWAY)

14:32               Lisa Kilpatrick (12c AWAY)                         Elsa Todd (18c AWAY)                     Jane Browitt (22c AWAY)

14:40               Hilary Wallace (14c AWAY)             Isobel J Halliday (17c AWAY)          Anne Boobis (19c AWAY)

14:48               Dorothy Silver (22c AWAY)             Corinne Blyth (20c AWAY)              Fiona Fraser (22c AWAY)

14:56               Susan Gardiner (20c AWAY)            Muriel Gilligan (18c AWAY)            Avril Auchterlonie (23c AWAY)

15:04               Anne Beedie (22c AWAY)                Amanda Northridge (26c AWAY)     Annette Sutherland (32c AWAY)

15:12               Janet Hamblin (21c AWAY)              Audrey Naden (28c AWAY)              Katy Lessells (25c AWAY)

15:20               Anne Bell (25c AWAY)                     Margaret MacConnachie (23c AWAY) Pamela J Harrington (29c AWAY)


17:36               Barbara McQuillan (21c AWAY)      Jacky Burnett (24c AWAY)               Available

17:44               Coleen Derighetti (19c AWAY)         Amy Foster (10c AWAY)                        Wendy Nicholson (5c AWAY)

17:52               Elaine Lumsden (16c AWAY)           Mandy Dougal (9c AWAY)               Jaci Moriarty (14c AWAY)

18:00               Gail Joughin (12c AWAY)                 Letty Mackinnon (11c AWAY)          Karen Marshall (0c AWAY)

MCLGA 9 Hole Competition Draw