What glorious weather we had today as 15 juniors turned up to play at the Hermitage Golf Course. It was fantastic to see, as a few 5 and 6 year olds joined in this month, some of them for the first time. The second hole brought cheers as both Sophie Aitchison and Emma Morrison recorded birdies, Emma apparently sinking a huge long putt to do so. Sophie, not content with one birdie, scored another on the par 4 10th hole. It is great to see the girls enjoying themselves and their swings are forever being remarked upon, enviously, by the member of the squad helping out that day.

Thanks to everyone who turned out to help today and to Sal Shepherd who kindly gave her time to come along to be impressed!

The results were as follows:

1st Handicap: Sophie Aitchison – 57 less 24 – net 33
2nd Handicap: Julia Smith – 58 less 24 – net 34
3rd Handicap: Emma Morrison -62 less 23 – net 39

1st Non-handicap: Kim Naysmith – 60
2nd Non-handicap: Caitlin McIntosh – 64
3rd Non-handicap: Caitlin Turner – 74

And on the overall leaderboard, in the non-handicap category, Caitlin Turner and Kim Naysmith are tied out in front with 14 points, while Lisa Macpherson is third on 7 points. In the handicap section, Emma Morrison leads on 7 points while, a three-way tie sees Sophie Aitchison, Jane Finlay and Carla Maran vying for second place on 3 points.

May visit to the Hermitage