Today saw the last junior visit to the Hermitage for 2010, although, as can be seen from the above photo, there was some dispute over the authenticity of some of the juniors! 6 Girls turned out to play and were sent off in two groups of 3 – believe it or not! Emma Fairgrieve joined in for 6 holes, while the other 5 played all 12 holes. Lucy Morrison hit some lovely shots in her round, as did Lisa Macpherson who also decorated her card very nicely! Both girls broke 100, Lucy returning a 97 and Lisa an 83. Caitlin Turner continued her good golf which won her the SLGA adult/junior foursomes and scored 64 over the 12 holes. In the handicap section, Emma Morrison and Caitlin McIntosh both returned net 42s, with Emma winning on the back 9 holes. Some cards were slightly difficult to decipher, and the girls can be seen below, trying desperately to make sense of their cards and fit a 13 hole score into the 12 holes that were played!

Some of the juniors are playing in a fun adult/junior competition over the Templar Course at Swanston New tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy it, play well and the sun shines!

Last 2010 visit to the Hermitage