Many congratulations to Midlothian Junior member, Katherine Fisher who has just returned from holiday having smashed her handicap from 27 to 20 in just 8 days and 2 rounds of golf! Katherine played in the Junior Girls’ Stableford at Elie Golf Course on 9th August and recorded none other than 50 (yes, fifty) stableford points.This brought a reduction in her handicap from 27.2 to 21.6. Then, playing off her newly acquired handicap of 22, she took to the course again, on the 17th August, in the Elie Junior Girls’ Medal. That day she only managed to knock another 1.6 shots off her handicap, scoring 91 less 22, net 69. Her new exact is 20.0 and Katherine’s aim, now, is to end the season well and truly in the Silver Division.

Well done Katherine – a great effort!

Katherine Fisher records tremendous score!