There was a great turn out for the Juniors’ monthly 9-hole competition at the Princes Course with 13 girls turning up. Thanks to May Hardy and Sharon MacPherson for orgainising and running this month’s games. I believe it was a nice day, if a wee bitty cold. This was the start of the 6-month running competition.

The results were as follows:

1st handicap: Heather Laing (47-15.5) net 31.5
2nd handicap: Carla Maran (68-18) net 50

1st non-handicap: Julia Smith 53
2nd non-handicap: Kirsten McCorquodale 60 (bi6)
3rd non-handicap: Emma Morrison 60

Well done to everyone who played and I hope you enjoyed your games.

Juniors at the Princes Course