While some of us were over sunning ourselves in Fife at the Cuthbertson Cup, there was a great turn out at the Princes Course for the monthly 9-hole competition. 14 girls took part and there were some great scores. Thanks go to Ron Hardy and Sharon MacPherson for organising and running this month’s competition.

The results were as follows:

1st handicap: Heather Laing (46-15.5) net 30.5
2nd handicap: Carla Maran (56-18) net 38

1st non-handicap: Sophie Aitchison 49
2nd non-handicap: Kirsten McCorquodale 54 (better last 6)
3rd non-handicap: Julia Smith 54

Points total after month 2 of the runing competition:

Heather Laing – 6 points
Carla Maran – 4 points

Kirsten McCorquodale – 6 points
Julia Smith – 6 points
Sophie Aitchison – 4 points
Emma Morrison – 3 points

Well done to everyone who played. Thank you for turning out to play and I hope you enjoyed your rounds.

Juniors at the Princes Course