With the golf season looming, the MCLGA Juniors took themselves down to Fountain Park for a pre-season fun and friendly night out tenpin bowling on Wednesday. With 22 girls (and two spectators) taking part, it wasn’t long before the noise level increased and the celebrations started as the girls hit strikes. There was the odd down cast face as the bowls failed to hit a pin but the next delivery ensured that the smiles were back. Stopping, briefly, to tuck into their chicken nuggets and chips, the fun continued, the jumping around and celebratory dancing was non-stop.

In the end, with an average score of 148, the Strikers finished in 5th position. On 155.6 the No Namers were in 4th. With 156.6 the Perfect Pins were 3rd. The Cheating Cheetahs finished in Cadbury Button Egg position with 160.5 and the aptly names Groovy Golfers won the top placed Smartie Egg position with a score of 173.4. Out with the winning teams, Eilidh Mackinnon returned a score of 176 but with a great score of 190, Heather Laing got first individual prize.

But nobody went away empty handed as the cadbury cream eggs came into view to finish off a fantastic evening!

Many thanks, not only to all the helpers and especially to Karen Marshall for kindly organising the evening, but also to all the Juniors who came along to take part and enjoy themselves. The bowls will be replaced in a couple of weeks time with smaller golf balls as the Junior’s head the Midlothian season with their Spring Meeting at Swanston New Gold Course.
Junior Social Night