Well done to the 9 girls who braved the wind on Wee Braids.  It was a brutal day for golf and despite some of the younger ones almost being blown over they completed their respective holes. It was extremely tough going but they did enjoy the downhill, downwind 7th to cheer them up along with the Easter eggs!  Congratulations to Charlotte Greenshields in the Under 12s for completing her 5 holes in 37 shots and to Connie McDowell for winning the over 12s 9 hole competition and the McPherson Plate with a score of 51.

Thank you to Edinburgh Leisure for courtesy of Wee Braids not just for this competition but throughout the year on the 1st Sunday of the month. Thank you to Elaine Lumsden, Liz Taylor, Moira Grant and Norma Hogg for helping on the day and supporting the girls and providing world of encouragement as they battled round. Also thank you to Captain, Caroline for presenting the prizes.


Junior Girls Wee Braid Competition