Coaching for the MCLGA junior girls has again been arranged for this coming year. This will be held at the Braid Hills Driving Range under the tutelage of Iain Young and his fellow Professionals. Coaching will be in 1-hour sessions from 10am – 1 pm, and will take place on the first Sunday of each month (except January 2010, when it will be held on the 10th). Due to the decrease in numbers experienced during the holiday season, we have decided to omit the summer months of July and August this year and to run two 5-block sessions instead. The first of these will run from February to June, inclusive, with the second running from September to January, inclusive. We are very grateful to Sharon MacPherson and Suzie Laughland who have agreed to oversee these coaching days on our behalf.

The girls are also welcome to try out their golf skills on a golf course. 9-Holes of golf are arranged for the juniors on the third Sunday of each month (January to November inclusive) at the Princes Golf Course, the next date being the 18th January at 10.30 am. This is aimed to allow the girls to learn the rules and etiquette of the game of golf, as well as to introduce them to new friends. A competition is held from February to August, with prizes available for both the overall handicap and non-handicap winners. The November 9-hole competition is an adult/junior competition, where the girls have an opportunity to impress their adult partners! Once again, we are very grateful to May Hardy, who has kindly agreed to oversee these 9-hole competitions.

Further details on the above will be available with the subscription notices, which have recently been sent out.

Junior Coaching