As the Junior Team is competiting in the Cuthbertson Cup on Sunday 21st April there will be no 9 hole competition at Swanston on this date.
The Junior Team would really appreciate your support on Sunday if you feel like a trip across the water to Dunfermline.
The event which involves the 4 East of Scotland Counties competing for the trophy is being held at Dunfermline Golf Club with tee times starting at 9am in the morning and 2pm  in the afternoon.

For those of you who would rather play golf, there is a Stephen Gallacher Flag Competition on Sunday at the Children’s course at North Berwick.
On Sunday 28th April we will be running a 9 hole Competition in conjunction with a Stephen Gallacher Flag Event at Swanston.
Both of these events can be entered through the link on the left hand side or by visiting

Junior 9 hole Competitions