The 2012 season is underway. 13 girls plus the usual band of parents and helpers braved the cold at Swanston on Sunday for 9 holes. The course was pretty frozen when we started and for many of the girls, using mats was a new experience, and so were some of the bounces! But despite the cold it quite pleasant due to the lack of wind which I must admit was very unusual for this winter. Thanks to all who helped, especially Karen Marshall, Kate McIntosh and Hannah Scott. We are off and running!

1st: Caitlin Turner 42 (18) 24
2nd: Lisa macPherson 48 (21) 27
3rd: Emma Morrison 39 (9) 30
1st: Ailsa Lamont 42
2nd: Robyn Tait 47
3rd: Georgia Ledingham 48

January 9 holes at Swanston