Afternoon Results against Fife

Gabrielle MacDonald lost to Gillian Paton   4/2

Hannah Darling beat Susan Jackson             4/3

Karen Ferguson-Snedden lost to Jocelyn Mackie  1 down

Caroline Steedman beat Lorraine Morrow    5/4

Kate McIntosh beat Karin Sharp                       3/2

Karen Marshall beat Brogan Clark                   2/1

MCLGA win 6.5 to 2.5

Stirling & Clackmannanshire drew with East Lothian 4.5 each.

A great but interesting day at sunny Dunbar – the wind completely changed direction at lunchtime – giving the players a new perspective on the course!  Needing 2.5 points to win,our players fought well to win the afternoon games 4 and 2.


Jamboree 2018