A slightly overcast day greeted the team as they arrived at Balbirnie Park to take on Stirling and Clackmannanshire on the first day of play in the Inter-county Jamboree 2024.  As the three foursomes pairs set out into the front nine the rain threatened but began to brighten along with the play from both sides.  Molly Nicholson paired with Freya Constable, Kate McIntosh with Rachael Livingstone and Hilary Laughland-Hogg with Caroline Steedman.  Midlothian were up in one match and down in two going into the latter stages of the back nine.  All three matches finished on the 18th with Midlothian putting to win the hole and secure the half points.  At lunch it was all square with 1.5 points each. Despite striking her elbow with a practice ball Kate McIntosh rose above the bruise and pain, applied some ice and some expert intervention, with a compression bandage from Margaret, our President, ably helping her through her game.



After lunch the six individual matches set-off into the brightening conditions, the sunshine coming through and warming the play up significantly.  Some tricky holes and sticky greens meant that both sides traded holes. Leading the way Freya Constable and Louise Fraser both secured 4&3 victories at the 15th.  It was nip and tuck in the three games behind with Megan Fallon, Kate McIntosh and Molly Nicholson trading holes with their opponents.  Rachael Livingstone in the final game kept the pressure on, Megan Fallon despite visiting the trees with her tee shot off the 13th, rallied and won 3&2.  Midlothian were now 4.5 points.  Kate McIntosh was heading down the last 1up so victory in the match was secure but she was not to be defeated by her sore elbow and secured the point on the 18th at the same time as Rachael secured her point with a 3&2 win on the 16th.  All eyes now turned to Molly who had faced a strong opponent all day and despite rallying back from 3 down, sadly lost on the 18th.

A well earned dinner awaited the team as they savoured the 5.5 – 2.5 win.  The team thanking the caddies of Sally McMillan, Gail Mathieson, Angela Hughes, Pat Wood, Yvonne Wilson and Gill Petrie, plus our reserve Lucy Morrison who stayed on to support the team in the morning and caddy for Megan in the afternoon.

And what of Michaela and Mini-Mac, they headed out with Kate, Megan and Lucy in the morning, swapping to Kate and Captain Caroline in the afternoon, they were last seen propped in the back of the Captains car gorging on sweeties replenishing their energy reserves for tomorrows challenge of Fife.


Inter-County Jamboree 2024 – Balbirnie Park – Day 1 Round-up