Greensomes Sections 2021

It was great to return to the Greensomes competition this year.  13 clubs fielded 16 teams to make up 2 Sections of 8 teams each.  While some matches were played in tropical temperatures others were played in monsoon downpours.  Despite the variable weather conditions, a review of the matches from both Sections shows that there were no runaway winners.  Most teams had their share of wins and loses.

Section 1

Congratulations go to the Ravelston 1 team with 10 match points and 15.5 game points.  This was closely followed by Craigmillar Park and Merchants 1 both with 9 match points.

It was very exciting to note that the winners were not obvious until the final match of the season was played.  Any of those three teams could have won the Section.  The deciding and final game between Merchants 1 and Ravelston 1 was closely fought contest with Ravelston 1 clinching a 2-1 win.

Section 2

Congratulations also go to the Ravelston 2 team.  If Section 1 was a close result, Section 2 was even closer.   After all matches were played Ravelston 1 and Baberton were tied with 10 match points and 14 game points.  Reference was made to the Terms of Competition and mathematics performed to determine which team had the most holes to be played in matches won.  Only then could these two teams be separated with Ravelston 2 the winners, edging out Baberton in a count back of 7 holes!

To mix up the competition matches for 2022, Prestonfield and Murrayfield will move across to Section B while Baberton and Kingsknowe will move across to Section A.

Terms of Competition

The count back process involved reviewing our own Terms of Competition as well as Scottish Golf National Terms to be clear on the procedure. The process highlighted an opportunity to create greater clarity in the Greensomes Terms, which was agreed by the Committee at the October Reps meeting.  Part 15 of the Terms has therefore been amended from, ‘…calculated using the holes remaining to be played across all matches’ to ‘…calculated using the holes remaining to be played across all individual matches won’.


Greensomes Sections 2021