Greensomes League 2023

The Greensomes League has just finished with the last 3 matches all played on 29 August. We started the season welcoming Dalmahoy, who joined section A of the league. This evened up the sections with 9 clubs in each section of the league (15 clubs, 3 with 2 teams).

As usual the Scottish weather threw everything at us but there were no postponements!

Section A (9 Teams)

Congratulations go to Ravelston 1 who emerged top of Section A with 13 match points and 16 game points. Extremely hot on their tail and in second place, Merchants 1 with 12 match points and 16 game points. This result is the reverse of last year’s result.

Ravelston 1 win the Greensomes Trophy.

Section B (9 Teams)

Merchants 2 triumphed in Section B with 16 match points and 20.5 game points (played 8 won 8!) followed by Ravelston 2 with 10 games points and 15.5 match points.

Merchants 2 win the Greensomes Quaiche.

Well done to both Ravelston and Merchants!

As discussed at February’s Committee Meeting, our Greensomes Recorder, Jane Bruce, had communicated with Greensomes Reps to get their views on the movement of Teams within the Sections each season. Jane collated the results, and presented a proposal which was agreed at the May Committee Meeting.

Section 7 of the Greensomes Terms of Competition as therefore been changed to:

“The matches will be played in two independent Sections: Trophy and Quaich. At the end of each season, a full redraw will be undertaken, leaving those clubs with two teams in separate sections. Match organisers will attempt to exchange venues, i.e. home and away for those teams who are playing each other in two consecutive years.”

The draw for 2024 will be issued at the October Committee Meeting on 25th and emailed to Greensomes Reps thereafter.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Jane Bruce (Murrayfield) for all her hard work and effort in managing the Greensomes League over the past two years. She has done a fantastic job and will be commencing the handover to her successor shortly. As you may know, the Greensomes Recorder role rotates around the Clubs in alphabetical order, and it now passes to Fiona Robertson from Newbattle.  We wish Fiona all the very best as she takes on this new role.

Jane has asked me to communicate her thanks to all the Greensomes Reps for your support over the last two years.

Greensomes League 2023